Brach new Song phi nong (near watphairongwua) Suphanburi


Acrylic Sheet
Clear Acrylic 1-50 mm.
Various colored acrylic sheet
**Clear Acrylic Thickness 1.5-10 mm. You can order special size width 2.76 length 6 m.**


Plastwood Sheet
Thickness 1-30 mm.
Standard Size 122x244 cm.
**Special Size 122x305 cm.
(Thickness 6, 10 mm.)
Standard Size 122x600 cm.
(Thickness 10 mm.)*


Standard color (White and black)
HIP Sheet Thickness 1-5 mm. Size 123x245 cm.
ABS Sheet Thickness 1-6 mm. Size 126-246 cm.


Nut and Bolt Equipment
Standoffs, Flarge Nut, Bolt and Nut


Acrylic Equipment
Acrylic-Iron Hinges, Hasp, Acrylic knobs


Acrylic Mate/ A Hot Adhesive
Acrylic Mate (Pan glue), Pan Mc Mate, MC


Carving / Automatic Laser
Cutting Machine

Service Cutting laser according to the customer request.


Perforate work
Perforate work Plastwood according to the customer request with CNC router.

   Assembling parts/ Cutting acrylic
Cutting acrylic
** Cutting up to 240 cm.**

 Screen / UV Printing on Acrylic
The Sticker on the Acrylic.


Acrylic Sign
Acrylic Letters-Metal

  Processing Product



Acrylic Sheet Roofing
Smooth and Elegant, Modern Style.


Vinyl Sheet Roofing
A vinyl roof is heat insulation, cooling the house, rain noise, easy installation, fast.
Long, 4, 5 and 6 m.


Vinyl Wall, Vinyl Ceiling,
Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Shading
Vinyl Wall, Vinyl Ceiling (white, brown leaves), Width 14 cm. Long, 4, 5 and 6 m.
Vinyl Flooring, Width 14 cm. Long, 4, 5 and 6 m.
Vinyl Shading, Size 1'x1', 1'x2' Long 4, 5 m. 
and 6 m.


  The Exhibition

                                                                              Printtech 2017 Season 5                           
                                 Asean Fair 2018
      Printtech 2016 Season 2                   Printtech 2016 Season 4 


    Gointerrich Co., Ltd. We’re a dealer the cheap acrylic sheet, Plastwood sheet, ABS/HIP sheet. We produced both in Thailand and
    Imported from abroad.

   We have a service to cut the acrylic sheet, plastwood sheets according to size, cutting with the saw blade, Automatic Laser Cutting Machine,                   Fretwork Plastwood according to the customer request with CNC router.

   We produce a working form according to the customer request, get it processed acrylic, processing Plastwood, Acrylic Cabinet,
   Plastwood Cabinet, Acrylic shelves, Plastwood shelves, Acrylic Sign, Plastwood Sign, Acrylic Letters, Plastwood Letters.

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